Welcome to Hirsch Lyons



Hirsch Lyons’ Vision is for our Talmidim:
  • To imbue the Talmidim with a love for Torah and
  • mitzvahs as the essence of their life
  • To have a sincere awe and love for Hashem
  • To be a Kiddush Hashem in all their interactions
  • To live with Derech Eretz, develop Middos Tovos and pursue chesed
  • To understand the centrality of the Beis Hamikdash and Eretz Yisrael


 To create a learning environment that:
  • Is secure and happy
  • Nurtures, stimulates, supports, values and inspires the individuality of each student
  • Actualizes the physical, emotional and intellectual potential of each student
  • Promotes a positive and caring relationship between teacher and student creating a true Torah Home away from Home


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