This coming Shabbas (Parshas Naso) is the Yahrzeit of our beloved Hugo Paluch, Ze’ev ben Dov, zichrono livracha. Parshas Naso was also Hugo’s Barmitzvah Parsha.

Shlomo HaMelech in Mishlei says “ki ner Mitzva veTorah Ohr”- our precious Torah is compared to LIGHT. From a very young age and throughout his life, Hugo sought to bring the LIGHT of Torah and Chesed to the world.

In the zchus of Hugo and as a living memorial of this LIGHT of Torah, the Paluch family and Hirsch Lyons Schools invite you to pledge time to learn in Hugo’s merit and brighten up our world with the light of Hashem’s Torah.

You can pledge any learning you do, whether it is a shiur/class you go to or learning you do with chevrusas or the family

All the learning done at Hirsch Lyons Schools on Friday 11 Sivan, 25 May,  will be in the merit of Ze’ev ben Dov.

Although a year has passed, the pain of this loss is immense. Together, we daven that the zchus of Torah learning and Tzedakka will bring comfort to Hugo’s family, friends and to all who knew him and that this will illuminate our world with the light of Torah l’ilu nishmas Ze’ev Ben Dov.

We would also like to dedicate a small “Torah library” at Hirsch Lyons School in the memory of Ze’ev ben Dov

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