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Mazal Tov to our matriculants, parents and staff for the wonderful IEB matric results for 2018.
It is with a great sense  of Hakoras HaTov to Hashem and an acknowledgement of the hard work of our exceptional students and staff that we share their results.
Once again Hirsch Lyons Schools maintained a 100%University Exemption Pass Rate.
One student received 7 distinctions, two  students achieved 6 distinctions,
three  students achieved 4 distinctions and
three  students achieved 3 distinctions.
Overall Hirsch Lyons students achieved 3.4 distinctions per student.
“A“s and “B“s accounted for 81% of all results.
We are humbled by our students achievements and are so proud of their commitment to Torah, middos tovos and Derech Eretz.
We wish our matriculants hatzlochah rabbah  for the next stage of their lives especially to all the matriculants who will be in full time Torah learning this year. We are proud of the fact that all the boys matriculating will be attending Yeshivas.
We look forward to hearing and sharing in their continued Torah growth and general successes.
Wishing you all continued nachas.